GERAS International correspondents (GICs)

Last Updated on March 17, 2024

For any question on the GIC scheme or GIN, please contact
Natalie Kübler
natalie.kubler (at)


The specifics of the GIC status

The GIC status entitles nominated correspondents to a number of benefits without having to pay membership fees. The scheme’s objective is to further and strengthen cooperation between French and international ESP researchers and practitioners. GICs are expected to forward GERAS conference and publication announcements to their national networks and to promote GERAS activities in their teaching and research communities. The trade-off is that disseminating news through GINs enables GICs to develop their own activities.


 Development of the GERAS International Correspondents (GIC) network

The Kosice experience (ESSE 2014) of GERAS and European participants kick-started the idea of creating a network of colleagues exchanging ESP news worldwide. Shaeda Isani piloted the emerging GIC scheme which soon numbered some 20 members in 11 countries. Galway’s two ESP seminars co-convened by GERAS (ESSE 2016) attracted new members from further afield. As Séverine Wozniak took over our International Affairs in 2016, she further developed the network which now counts 35 colleagues in 27 countries (as of April 2023). Natalie Kübler has been in charge of GERAS International affairs since April 2023.

The goal of the GIC network is to spread and exchange news to encourage participation in events across countries and in international research publications. GERAS also actively promotes the idea that national ESP groups should be formed to act as partners in common projects aiming to spread information, teaching methods and theoretical advances in ESP. GERAS has no inclination towards hegemony; it favours collaboration and partnership among peer groups.

GIC contributions to GERAS life

GICs are playing an increasingly active and visible part in GERAS activities and we are grateful for their enriching contributions. They submit proposals to our calls for papers, take part in our annual conferences and co-convene ESSE seminars with us. In 2018, our annual conference was hosted by our Belgian correspondent in Mons, Christine Michaux and the 2024 GERAS conference will be hosted by Marlies Whitehouse, our Swiss correspondent in WinterthurAn increasing number of colleagues forward news for circulation on our newsletters. Thanks to our GICs, GERAS gets increasingly international.